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House and Boulders


Raw Materials

Garden Feature : Ancient Bluff Boulders

• Garden feature monolith / large boulders range in size from 1 ton - 9 ton

• Small to medium size garden boulders sold in 1 ton lots

We offer delivery services for all our products
Select your own Ancient Bluff Boulder.

Dunite / Gravel

We supply and deliver all grades from crusher dust to AP20 - AP150
Dunite & Gravel are all measured by AP (aperture) i.e. : AP25 is 25mm in circumference

riverstone dunite ap12 dunite AP30 AP 36
Riverstone                      Concrete Gravel            AP20                                AP65      

Greenhills Sand – Greenhills sand, rich in iron excellent for stimulating nitrogen

Oyster Shell - Chicken Grit (regular / coarse) small to large bags

Whole Bluff Oyster Shell  :  25kg bags - 1 ton lots

Untreated Wood Bark
 :  minimal order 500 kgs

Greenhills sand whole oyster shell Wood Chip boulder packs
Greenhills Sand           Whole Oyster Shell       Untreated wood bark   Garden Boulders

Lifestyle Farm Services

Top Dressing / Landscaping

Our crew are friendly with years of experience who do good honest work. We specialize in offering the lifestyle farmers a one stop top service : supply deliver and sowing fertilizer. Other support services include : fencing, rubbish and green waste removal, roading, drainage water systems etc.

We produce/ supply in commercial quantities BOS Fertilizers, dunite, wood chip, GreenHills sand and other raw materials.

• Soil Sampling – Top Dressing

• Commercial Suppliers of BOS LIME & Fish Gut Nutrient Fertiliser

• Driveways / Roading / Fencing • Property clearing

• Skip Bins / Rubbish / Green Waste / Recycling

• Drainage / Water Systems

diggerdump trucktractor top dressing
Equipment & Services

Flat Deck Truck 10 ton • Truck 10 ton & Hyab • Truck 4 ton • Dump Trucks
Skip Bins & Truck • Digger 12 ton • Digger 4.5 ton
Front End Loader • Street Sweeper

Tractor 70 - 220 HP • 3 Ton Spreader / Top Dresser • Bailage • Silage
Cultivation • Muck Spreader

For enquires please contact office : 0273 159 696
Lifestyle farm image

 cow sheep grass


Site Clearing / Sand Dunite Suppliers / Top Dressing / Landscaping

Bluff Sand Supply & Cartage have a well earned reputation of being friendly honest and straight up. Our client port folio ranges from small to large companies. Contracts vary between support services, as in work site preparation and clean up, to project management of long term maintenance contracts delivered on time on budget.

We supply the following raw materials at commercial rates : Green hills sand, dunite, crusher dust, fertilizers, wood chip, BOS LIME, BOS Fish Guts.

Southland ILT Rugby Stadium

• Property clearing / Skip Bins / Rubbish / Green Waste / Recycling / Dump Site
• Drainage / Water Systems / Driveways / Roading / Fencing
• Hire : Truck / Digger / Hyab / Experienced Work Crew

 mac  skip truckskip bin

Flatdeck Truck 10 ton • Hyab & Truck 10 ton • Dump Trucks • 4 ton Truck
Truck & Skip bins • Street Sweeper • Front End Loader • Digger 12 ton • Digger 4.5 ton

tractorStreet Sweeper    dump truck 

Tractor 70 - 220 HP • 3 Ton Spreader / Top Dresser • Bailage • Silage
Cultivation • Muck Spreader

For Commercial rates on BOS LIME & Fish Gut Nutrient Fertiliser

Please contact : 0273 159 696

Queens Park Golf course



Our reputation for being friendly and reliable is well earned, prices are completive, our work is clean, tidy and efficient. Services offered range from digging out foundations, sweeping driveways, removal of waste, property clearing etc. No job is too small or too big.

Suppliers of raw materials such as dunite, gravel, Riverstone, sand, wood chip and ancient Bluff Boulders delivered and installed on site as garden features.

Other services include Green waste and recycling. We produce BOS LIME and BOS Fish Guts Fertilizers from local organic material.

• Haulage / Digging / Excavating / Skip Bins

• Rubbish Removal / Dumping / Green Waste / Recycling


Suppliers of BOS LIME and BOS Fish Guts Nutrient Fertilizer

  Suppliers of raw materials :

• Dunite, Gravel, Riverstone pebbles, Green Hills Sand / Tree Bark, Oyster Shell
• Garden feature rocks : Bluff Boulders 1-9 ton / Boulders small - medium 1 ton lots

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green flower     garden

Bluff Sand Supply & Cartage

We service Life Style Farms,
Domestic and Commercial projects

Bluff Sand Supply & Cartage

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Address : 280 Foyle Street Bluff
hours : Mon - Fri 9.00 - 5.00 pm

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